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Best Vest for a Hot Chest

CoolMe Vest

The CoolMe Vest

GRW Industries has produced a cooling vest that cleverly combats the heat stress that workers experience in extreme working environments. The vest, aptly named the CoolMe™ vest is designed for people based in arid, desert, and tropical climates as well as emergency workers such as fire fighters and also miners working underground. The vest promotes rapid recovery in heat stress situations and does not require pre-freezing or access to ice.[DDET Read more...]

The CoolMe™ vest is the brainchild of James Cook University researchers Dr Glen Deakin, Robert Ennis-Thomas and William Armstrong, who are part of the commercial enterprise, GRW Industries. These researchers have been working closely with Queensland Fire & Rescue Service to develop the product which is optimised for intense heat and short duration situations. It is a low cost, disposable product that generates a strong cooling effect (3-5°C) without requiring access to refrigeration or power. The CoolMe™ vest is rapidly activated by simply adding water to the reservoir (which reacts with a non-toxic reactant) and is effective when worn under protective clothing.

In May this year, the GRW team and the CoolMe™ vest won a heat on an episode of ABC’s New Inventors program. Last year, the team won the inaugural Trailblazer Awards at JCU, the UQ Business School’s prestigious $100,000 Enterprize business planning competition and most recently a Tropical Innovation Award.


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