The best job on water Oct04


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The best job on water

A band of surf photographers has carved out a clever little niche industry, taking early morning surf shots and emailing them to large numbers of subscribers.

The talented lensmen have transformed a hobby into several thriving businesses over the past decade, allowing most to quit their day jobs. The photographers have also achieved cult-like status.

In August, the first of these enterprises, the Bondi-based Aquabumps, launched a collaboration with swimsuit company Speedo. Aquabumps’ attractive early morning beach scenes are featured on Speedo’s latest range of swimsuits and board shorts.

The initiative has attracted high-profile sponsors including Land Rover, Canon and Telstra. Musician Elton John, cricketer Michael Clarke and Westfield Group managing


Story Source: The above story was sourced (with editorial adaptations by Comm One staff) from materials found here Original Story Source 1